From the East, good shall come

The Times of Israel (12 April 2020)

Gilad Cohen, Deputy Director General for Asia and the Pacific at Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Israel MFA
Israel MFA

On the seder night, my 94-year old grandmother sat alone, with but a lone seder plate and glass of wine for kiddush. She made aliyah to Israel from Libya over 70 years ago, and never imagined that she would one day have to celebrate the seder night this way; without her children, her grandchildren, her family. Her only company at the seder table was her dedicated caregiver, originally from Sri Lanka.

As we all know, a friend in need is a friend indeed, and if we look where the majority of medical equipment being shipped to Israel is from – protective gear for medical staff and for the broader population, respirators, experimental medications, essential materials for testing kits and disinfectant equipment – we will find Israel’s friends in Asia standing by its side.

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